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Introducing: Thomas Coats

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LuminateOne has welcomed a new managing director, highly respected across the region and already well-known in the local area. Information Technology Manager at J Swap Group of Companies in Matamata, Thomas is also the current board chair of CultivateIT, a cluster group which nurtures technology talent in the Waikato, and a trustee of Matamata’s Pohlen Hospital.

Software development is a large part of his career and Thomas says he is excited to bring his experience and passion into this additional role at LuminateOne. He says a 12-year information technology career has given him a “unique and practical” understanding of all things IT, including cyber security, artificial intelligence, software development, disruption and digital strategy.

Thomas Coats

Thomas has a wealth of experience across many industries which he says gives him a strong foundation to provide guidance and governance. He has worked within organisations focusing on animal improvement, education, power generation, transportation, civil engineering, meteorology, software development and politics across the Waikato region.

Growing up in rural Waikato, Thomas moved to Tauranga for secondary school and Hamilton for university. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two-year-old son and new baby daughter exploring the sights and experiences available in the Waikato.

In his spare time Thomas has been building a software product for risk-based asset management. Drawing from his past experience, this tool is aimed at organisations managing the life cycle of physical assets, helping understand and quantify risk and condition.  

A member of the Institute of Directors, Thomas has always had a keen interest in governance and decision-making and is building on this foundation through networking, training and exposure to the boardroom environment. With his background and experience, Thomas will be a valuable addition to the team.

Thomas says he is looking forward to working with the LuminateOne team to offer talented leaders the technology to solve business challenges. “It might be that you need the right introductions or technology direction, or that we can collaborate on an involved project to bring about organisational change and financial benefits.”

Thomas says digital technologies are an “enabler” and “multiplier” for existing businesses, and the platform to launch new ones.

“At LuminateOne we provide strategic guidance and practical knowhow to help you make the most of technology.”

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