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Here at LuminateOne, we believe in developing scalable cloud-based solutions which strive to meet and surpass your business goals. Our strong working relationships with clients ensures that our services help their businesses grow and become more competitive in their respective industries.

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Software Development

The team at LuminateOne can help elevate you above your competitors by updating or replacing outdated systems with software that can evolve and scale with your business.

Expert Knowledge

With experience in developing software for hospitality, education, medical, and supply chain industries, we bring a robust knowledge-base to every development.


Our talented team of software developers are passionately curious and work together to solve complex problems on a daily basis.


We do have specialties but we readily step outside of our comfort zone in pursuit of brilliant solutions that exist beyond our expertise.

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Mobile Applications

The mobile applications industry is booming. We develop effective user-friendly applications for use across all platforms. We know how important it is to get the basics of usability and function just right.

User-friendly UX & UI

A user-centred approach to design is key to building sleek and highly functional user interfaces that your customers will love to interact with.

Comprehensive Testing

We take care in performing high quality manual and automated testing across devices, platforms and use cases.

Continuous Delivery

We track issues, fix bugs and roll out features following a robust continuous integration and delivery process.

Custom Integrations

We don't just build software - if a brilliant solution already exists, or part of the solution is already in place, then we will dive in and integrate tools so they work together seamlessly.

Ongoing Communication

Clear and in-depth initial understanding of the project is critical to success. We keep communication lines open and transparent as projects move forward.

Documentation & Training

We document our processes meticulously and we provide training so businesses can get the most out of the tools we equip them with.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Maintainability and scalability are top of mind when delivering our services. We monitor and maintain the systems we implement, with an eye on future growth and integrations.

Expert Knowledge

Business Analysis

Understanding your business goals and challenges is key to our development process, enabling us to determine the best course of action for your project.


Goal Specification

We gather information about where you are now as well as the goals and aspirations that drove you here in the first place.


Problem Identification

We identify and analyse the processes that need improvement, the unique hurdles you face and any possible roadblocks along the way.


Concept Development

By this point in the process we are bursting with ideas. We design and develop a viable concept that meet the established business objectives.


Reporting & Measurement

We take great care in determining the effectiveness of the solutions we develop. We walk you through the data so you can make informed decisions going forward.

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